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Prof Dr Ioan Pop

  Prof ion Pop

Emeritus Prof.Dr Ioan Pop obtained his PhD in Mathematics from the Univer sity of Bucharest, Romania in 1970. Currently, he is an Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Babes-Bolyai. His research interests include fluid mechanics, heat transfer, boundary-layer theory, heat transfer in Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids, magneto-hydrodynamics and convective flow in fluid-saturated porous media He has published over 450 journals, papers and 6 books on heat transfer. He is a member of Editorial Board of several journals including Journal of Theoretical and Applied Fluid Mechanics, Journal of Porous Media, Journal of Pure and Applied Physics and International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. Prof.. Pop was awarded the research prize in 1968 by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Science and the Gheorghe Lazar prize in 1983 by the Romanian Academy of Science for the book Unsteady Boundary Layer Theory.

 YBhg. Dato' Sri Dr Mohd Uzir Mahidin

Dr Mohd Uzir Dr. Mohd Uzir Mahidin attained his PhD in Economics from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. Currently, he is the Chief Statistician of Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM). He has served the Department of Statistics Malaysia for the past 27 years since his first posting as a Statistician in 1990. Over the years, he served various divisions, namely National Accounts, External Foreign and Trade Statistics, Industrial Production & Construction, Services Division and his previous appointment was the Deputy Chief Statistician (Programme Social/Demographic). He is an active member of various global expert groups and international associations, such as the UNWTO Tourism Statistics, Expert Group on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (ESCAP), Executive Committee (Exco) International Association for Official Statistics (IAOS), ASEAN Secretariat on SNA Statistics, ISI-South East Asia Network and Regional Programme on Economic Statistics. Recently, he had become a member of High Level Group for Partnership, Coordination and Capacity-Building for Monitoring Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the ASEAN Community Statistical System (ACSS). He is also the Exco member of Institute Statistics Malaysia (ISM) and the Chairman of the Local Organising Committee of ISI World Statistics Congress 2019 whereby Malaysia will be the host. Till date he has presented various papers in distinguished conferences. Besides being a learned person, he is also very active in sports and social activities such as involved in Parent-School Consultation Program Sheffield, UK.


Dr Dzaharudin Mansor

dr dzaharudin  


Dr Suhartono



Dr Mohammad Isa Irawan



Prof Kal'menov Tynysbek Sharipovich