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Satay Zul 

The most famous satay in Kuantan. The skewered meat came in large chunks and the winning formula here is the delicious peanut sauce. The peanuts are blended well to a slurry but flavoured with a spicy and sweet sauce; makes you go polishing every drop dry from the bowl.


Akob Patin House 

Fancy trying patin, the local delicacy? This restaurant serves both wild-caught and farmed patin in a tempoyak (fermented durian sambal) sauce served as part of a buffet with other Malay-style meat and vegetable dishes.


Ana Ikan Bakar Petai

If it's authentic you're after, look no further than this huge open-air seafood restaurant across the river on the island of Tanjong Lumpur. On any given evening Malaysian families flock here to feast on a plethora of traditional Malay seafood dishes. An extraordinary selection of freshly caught fish, crab and shrimp is priced by weight and cooked to your specifications in small kitchens along the side of the dining area, while a lager kitchen in the back prepares traditional Malaysian rice and noodle dishes. 


Lila Wadi

Lila Wadi

Gardenstyle restaurant which is famous for it's mango cheesecake, and it wont taste that good if you bring it home. Serving Thai style steamboat and grill from variety of meat sets. Sip on the refreshing pandan cooler, a concoction of fragrant pandan, lemon grass and basil seeds for a sweet end to a meal.