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Instructions for Presenter

Instruction for Presenter

Right After Registration / Morning of the presentation day

  1. Kindly take note that you are required to give us a soft-copy of your slides during registration or in the morning of your presentation day (at the Secretariat Room).
  2. Label your files with your ID paper and your name.
  3. Make sure you sign on the name list prepared before you leave.

Before Presentation

       Before the parallel session starts, please submit your Presenter’s Profile Form to the chairperson of the parallel room.

During Presentation

  1. Be at your presentation at least 5 minutes before the scheduled session
  2. Presentations must be in form of files :
  •     Pdf format
  •     Powerpoint format
  1. The time allocation for the paper presentation is 10 minutes for each presenter  including Q&A.
  1. All presentation venues are equipped with :

             - 1 LCD projector

             - 1 computer connected to the LCD projector

             - Laser pointer

             - 1 flipchart with papers and markers

  1. In each session, the first presenter is suggested as chairman.